Noah Answers Your Questions - LG Vu or the iPhone?

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| July 10, 2008

Q. Thanks for making all the great phone review videos, it really gives me a general idea of what is good and not so good when is comes to the cellular market. I actually work at an AT&T store in WA, and I currently have a dealer line through AT&T but for some idiotic reason they won't let me use the iphone on my dealer line. So what I was wondering is how comparable is the LG Vu to the iphone, when it comes down to general workability. I wouldn't use the internet a whole lot, or for that matter the mobile TV function (but it is cool), basically just using it as a phone, mp3 player, and a text messaging machine, with a little camera action thrown in on the side. Just wanted to get your thoughts on this phone.

A. The Vu is definitely a good phone.  It's not on par with iPhone for usability because iPhone's touchscreen is honestly way better than anything else out there.  I'm not trying to be biased - it's just head and shoulders above the rest.  That being said, though, Vu works well and I love how thin and lightweight it is.  With a good sized memory card and maybe some Bluetooth headphones, it should make a good mp3 player, and the touchscreen is large and good enough to work well for texting.  On its own merits, Vu is definitely a very good handset.  But since you asked, it's not as responsive or "fun to use" as iPhone.  Hope that helps.