Summer Round-Up: LG Dare - Verizon Wireless

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| July 30, 2008

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LG Dare
Dare is the newest addition to Verizon's VCAST lineup and it's my personal favorite.  A full touchscreen phone with a great camera and VCAST support, Dare is fun to use and highly customizable.  With perhaps the second most responsive touchscreen on the market right now, Dare works well for everything from texting to music and videos to basic Web browsing.  Throw in a standard headphone jack and you've got a compact little phone that can just about do it all.

Pros: Responsive touchscreen; 3.2MP camera with flash, autofocus and video capture; VCAST music/video support; 3.5mm headphone jack; EV-DO Rev. A data; Compact size

Cons: Screen is somewhat small for heavy SMS/Email use

Buying Advice: Try before you buy to make sure you don't mind Dare's relatively small touchscreen.  Otherwise, this one's a winner - a big winner - for LG and Verizon.  Best cameraphone currently offered by a US carrier.

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