Summer Round-Up: Samsung Glyde - Verizon Wireless

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| July 30, 2008

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Samsung Glyde (u940)
Glyde is the American sibling of Samsung's F700 Ultra Smart, and was much anticipated by phone geeks here in the States.  VZW and Samsung literally shrunk the F700 down into a more compact, pocketable form factor in Glyde.  For me, the results were mixed: Glyde is nice and small but still features a comfortable QWERTY board for messaging.  But the touchscreen can be frustrating and is somewhat small for Web browsing.

Pros: Great, compact form factor; Very good QWERTY keyboard; Good camera with autofocus and flash; HTML Web browser

Cons: Touchscreen responsiveness needs work; Screen is too small for heavy Web browsing

Buying Advice: While Glyde's touchscreen is cool at first, it quickly became frustrating, at least for me.  There's a duct tape hack that's supposed to help some with responsiveness, but no official word on a possible firmware fix from VZW.  Heavy texters might be better served by the LG EnV2, which lacks a touchscreen and HTML browser but is easier to use overall.


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