Summer Round-Up: Samsung Alias - Verizon Wireless

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| July 31, 2008

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Samsung Alias (SCH-u740) - Verizon Wireless

Alias is one of my favorite messaging phones, even though I know many folks who can't stand it.  The unique dual-hinge clamshell design means you can use it as a regular flip phone for talking, or open it "the long way" to access the full QWERTY keyboard for messaging.  Add to that full VCAST support with external display and music controls and you've got yourself a super capable, super thin little handset.

Pros: Full QWERTY thumbboard; Dual-hinge clamshell design; Thin; VCAST support with external media controls

Cons: QWERTY and dialing buttons are small; Keypad layout is rather crowded and busy

Buying Advice: Like I said, this one's a real "Love it or Hate it" device.  If you're like me you'll marvel at how a full QWERTY keyboard fits into such a thin, sleek phone.  But others will find Alias utterly unusable thanks to all those tiny buttons crowding said keyboard. Definitely try before you buy.


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