Noah Answers Your Questions - LG Dare or iPhone?

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| Published: August 5, 2008

Q. Noah, I am a first time visitor to your sight, and I love it. I've been anxiously awaiting the launch of the new iPhone.  I ended up ordering one from an AT&T store the weekend of the launch while also researching the LG Dare. I am currently a Verizon customer and now need to decide before picking up the iPhone if I should go with the LG Dare. It seems like GPS and phone are better, and with my credits I can get a Dare for $149. The plan may seem better too. TO further complicated I want to change my plan to include a 3rd line and my company offers discount 12% ATT and 20% Verizon monthly bill. What do you think? Do you know if the iPhone or Dare can be played in a docking station? I'm thinking the iPhone can...HELP!!! 

A.  Glad you love the site!  Thanks for visiting.  Both the iPhone 3G and Dare are great devices, so I think you'll be happy either way.  There are many speaker systems ("docks") available for use with the first-generation iPhone but I'm not sure how many of them will work with the new iPhone because it's got a slightly different shape.  However, both iPhone and Dare have standard headphone jacks so you can connect them to a stereo system with a standard audio cable.  Dare also has stereo Bluetooth for wireless audio playback. 

Beyond that, here's what I'd say: 

iPhone has a better touchscreen and better Web, Email, and photo/video playback features.  It also has WiFi for faster Web browsing.  You can also download all sorts of software for it thanks to the new App Store. 

Dare has a better camera (it's a great cameraphone) and better GPS functionality.  I also think that Verizon's network is better than AT&T's, so you'll probably get better phone and data performance - but that depends on where you use it.  For example, AT&T's coverage is bad at my house but great at my office; Verizon is good in both places. 

If you want the best device for Web and multimedia, go with iPhone.  If you want the best camera and GPS system, go with Dare.  Me, I prefer iPhone because it's just so fun to use.  But Dare is a close second, mainly because of the camera. 

Hope that helps. 



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