Noah Answers Your Questions - Picking a touchscreen device

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| August 6, 2008

Q. Hey Noah!, I've been watching a lot of your videos lately and I have to say your doing a great job. Compared to other review people you just sound  and act the best, Great Job.  So ever sense I saw the outrageous $65 a month for the iphone 3G in Canada I've been looking at these new touch screen phones and I have a few questions. 

1. I live in Canada and I'm guessing that the LG Glimmer provided by Alltel is the same phone as the LG Vantage just in the US. I've been to LG's web site and the phone looks exactly the same just the Vantage is by Bell for Canada but I'm still not to sure. 

2. Is the LG Dare a Verizon exclusive in the US?  

3. What are the biggest differences between the Vu, Dare, Glimmer/Vantage? The UI looks very similar. I do know that the Glimmer/Vantage  is a slider with T9 but that doesn't appeal to me very much compared to a QWERTY board sense I've never had a cell phone to use T9. 

4. In one of your videos you talked about the Glimmer and how visually customizable and fun the UI was. Is the Vu just as fun and customizable, if not so, more or less? 

5. In your opinion between the Vu and Instinct which has the better media/music player for cleanest most friendly and Visually the best?  Because there are no videos or pics of the Vu's music player.

A. Hi Anson,  Thanks for the email and the kind words - I try to make the videos fun and informative, so I'm glad you like them.  I'll try to answer your questions ...  

1. So far as I know, Glimmer and Vantage look like basically the same device, yes. 

2. Dare is a Verizon exclusive right now, yes. 

3. The big differences between the three phones? Vu - Slim candybar, largest display of the three, compatible with AT&T Mobile TV (if you live in coverage area) Dare - Smaller size, 3.2MP camera with autofocus/flash/video capture, standard headphone jack, extra customization options Glimmer - It's like a Shine with a touchscreen.  Metal body and a real keypad (i.e. not only a touchscreen)  And also, of course, another big difference is the networks that they run on. 

4. Yes, I'd say the Glimmer and Vu both have fun, attractive UIs.  I think the Dare is actually even better - more interactive features, customization options, and new uses of the touchscreen 

5. Personally I prefer the overall look and feel of Vu to Instinct.  However, Instinct's music player is pretty good - it shows album art and is clean and easy to use.  I think LG uses nicer fonts and more attractive graphics or something, though, because I just tend to prefer their UIs!

Cheers, Noah