Rumors: HTC Touch Pro and SE w760a coming to AT&T?

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| August 11, 2008

Hey AT&T fans, I've got a couple of juicy tidbits to liven up your Monday morning.  Grab a fresh cuppa Joe and get your reading glasses on ...

First up, WMpoweruser lifted some pics from an XDA-developers forum post of looks to be a US-ready HTC Touch Pro complete with AT&T-compatible 3G frequencies.  The user who posted the pics claims to have picked it up for a cool $900 though another post in the thread speculates that the device is really just a pre-release HTC Pro sample flashed with a leaked AT&T ROM.  There's also a good deal of concern over a difference between the keyboards on this model and those in HTC's press photos - looks like the numeric keys have been moved from the top row into a dialing configuration in the middle left of the thumbboard.  Jeesh, remember when we all just had $19 push-button phones wall-mounted in our kitchens?

Anyway, whether this particular person's claims are legit or not, we should be seeing some GSM Touch Pros before too long.  I'll wager we'll first see a CDMA Touch Pro on Sprint and then maybe some unlocked GSM versions floating around (though perhaps with European 3G only), and then an AT&T-branded model. 

Meantime, CellPhone Signal has "confirmed" the upcoming debut of Sony Ericsson's W760a 3G Walkman phone on AT&T.  While the phone sounds good, what with its 3.2MP camera, integrated GPS, motion sensor and dual WCDMA American bands, I can't help but be a little disappointed that seven full months have gone by since I first tried this one out at CES and it's still not available stateside.  Maybe it was initially planned as a T-Mobile exclusive to coincide with their 3G rollout but got pushed back since said rollout hasn't yet happened?  Who knows, but CPS says to keep an eye out for an AT&T-branded W760a in the coming few weeks.