Noah Answers Your Questions - Comparing the LG Dare & Samsung Instinct

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| August 12, 2008

Q. Hi, I saw your comparisons of the LG Dare and Samsung Instinct and I had some more questions about the two. I have some specific questions for the two phones that I'd like some answers to 1. Which touchscreen is better? Which is more responsive? When you're typing which screen works better?  I've heard ppl vouch for both sides so I'd like a good extensive opinion from an actual reviewer. 2. Which browser is better? Because I've gotten mixed reviews for this as well. 3. How is the gps on the dare? Is it comparable to the one on instinct? 4. Will the dare be able to get the web widgets like the instinct? 5. Will the dare get anything comparable to the live search on instinct? 6. Which battery is better? 7. How is the email on the dare? Is it anywhere close to the instinct? 8. How specific can the dare get in terms of the fav icons on the home screen? As specific as the instinct? 

A. Thanks for the email.  Here are my opinions on your questions:  1.  Dare's touchscreen is better in all ways.  Not by much, but it's better.  It is smaller than Instinct's screen, though.  2.  Dare's browser is a little better than Instinct's, though the smaller screen is a drawback.  I found Instinct's browser to be disappointing given how much Sprint hyped it, but neither is as good as it should be (or as good as iPhone's or Opera Mobile or mini).  Both browsers offer "full HTML" but limited JavaScript support.  3. GPS on Dare works well, and has good accuracy.  But Instinct's system has two advantages: 1) Larger screen makes it easier to follow turn by turn directions; 2) Instinct's navigation system is free while Verizon charges a monthly fee for VZ Navigator  4. No Web widgets for Dare that I've heard about.  5. No plans for Live Search on Dare that I've heard about.  6. Instinct's battery is rated with a bit more power but I haven't had any problems with either.  7. Email is pretty similar on both devices if you ask me.  8.  Dare and Instinct use similar schemes for offering a ton of favorite shortcuts broken across a few different "home" screens.  So far as I know, you can only drag Application icons to Dare's main home screen - not contacts or URLs.  But Dare offers more in the way of arranging the icons however you like visually on the screen, and also keeping a wallpaper, animation, or video on your homescreen (which Instinct can't do).  Hope that helps.  Cheers, Noah

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