Nextel Lives: Sprint planning Direct Connect BlackBerry for Q4

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| August 13, 2008

Nextel fans rejoice!  If you love corporate Email along with your Direct Connect service, that is ...

Boy Genius Report leaked part of Sprint's Q4/Q1 ('09) roadmap this morning and the centerpiece is the BlackBerry 8350i, a Curve-esque smartphone featuring Nextel Direct Connect PTT services alongside of BlacBerry OS 4.6, WiFi, an optional 2MP camera with flash, and integrated GPS.  The 8350i is scheduled for a Q4 '08 release.

The rest of the Sprint-flavored juice on BGR today is kind of ho-hum, which makes me think we're not seeing all there is to see.  I mean, everyone and their dog is expecting a certain HTC touchscreen device and its QWERTY-fied big brother to hit Sprint before year's end ... and I think Sprint might just have something else up their sleeves for the holiday season, as well.

UPDATE:  The leak is for Sprint's iDEN lineup only.  That's why it's all Direct Connect stuff (duh, Noah).  Of course there are more non-iDEN Sprint phones a-comin'...

When's CTIA San Francisco?  Oh yeah, that big media event is slated for the night of September 10, or just under one month from today.  Victor? Raphael?  Are you ready?


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