Titanium: Is this the LG Voyager Refresh?

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| Published: August 18, 2008

Engadget Mobile's got a photo of the Verizon LG Voyager with titanium
trim.  They say it's gonna be available tomorrow from VZW via phone and
Web, though it may not show up in retail outlets for a bit longer. 
What they - and I - don't know is if Titanium + Visual Voicemail =
Voyager Refresh, or if there's actually a new, newer Voyager 2 in the
works as has been rumored.

I can tell you three things here:

  1. The only way Verizon is going to release the current Voyager in a
    new color and a "New Voyager" is if that new Voyager is very different
    from the original.  Think EnV2 vs EnV and then some.  While VZW
    certainly doesn't shy away from loading their lineup with a ton of
    handsets at any given time, it really wouldn't make sense to confuse
    consumers by adding a new color to their flagship model only to trump
    it with a slightly revamped version of the same phone. 
  2. Whatever happens, we'll get the new Voyager(s) and tell you all about them pronto.  Promise.
  3. Voyager
    debuted at CTIA Wireless last September.  I'd bet money (if such a
    thing were legal where I live) that LG and Verizon hit San Francisco
    next month with something shiny and new in tow to show off at this
    year's show.

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