Summer Round-Up: LG Vu - AT&T

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| August 19, 2008

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LG Vu (CU 915/920) - AT&T Wireless
is AT&T's premiere Mobile TV phone, though it also comes in a less
expensive version that's not compatible with the television service. 
Both devices are sleek touchscreen phones that offer a nice,
lightweight industrial design complimented by LG's attractive user
interface.  Vu is a solid multimedia-focused handset that offers a nice
alternative to touchscreen fans wanting something a little different
than the iPhone.

Pros: Great design - thin, light, and sleek; 3"
touchscreen with good response; 3G connectivity with Web, Email, and
streaming a/v support; CU 920 supports Mobile TV service; 2MP camera

Touchscreen isn't quite as good as iPhone or LG Dare; Proprietary
headphone jack; Mobile TV service still unavailable in many areas

: Vu is a cool phone that offers a nice touchscreen and
multimedia experience in a non-Apple package.  If you're interested in
AT&T's Mobile TV service, Vu is the way to go - it offers the best
mobile TV service I've yet seen.  Unfortunately I can't test it again
until I leave town; AT&T doesn't yet offer mobile TV in the San
Francisco Bay Area, and many other major markets.

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