Summer Round-Up: MOTO Z9 - AT&T

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| August 19, 2008

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MOTO Z9 - AT&T Wireless
Motorola's Z9 is an interesting phone.  It's larger and thicker than most of today's feature phones, and yet it has tiny little buttons on its dialing keypad.  The Z9 feels good in hand, has a solid slider mechanism, and a big, bright display.  Add GPS, 3G/Cellular Video support and a 2MP camera and you've got a fully featured device that sits at the upper end of AT&T's feature phone up.  The question here is whether or not you like Z9's trend-bucking form factor.

Pros:  Great display; Fully-featured; Easy to use, clean UI; GPS and 3G connectivity; Support for turn-by-turn directions; Solid build quality

Cons: Buttons on keypad are tiny, may prove difficult/unintuitive for some users; Large form factor (though some may see this as a pro)

Buying Advice: Try before you buy: the Z9 is something of a heavyweight by today's standards.  If you like the look and feel of the handset, though, you'll probably really enjoy its solid performance and big, bright display.

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