Summer Round-Up: Palm Centro - AT&T

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| August 19, 2008

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Palm Centro- AT&T Wireless

Palm came back from the brink of disaster with the popular Centro.  The Centro is something of a crossover phone, to borrow a term from the auto industry - it combines the size and design of a messaging phone with the power of a Palm OS smartphone.  While Centro's QWERTY thumbboard appears almost too small upon first glance, all but the most demanding BlackBerry user should find it quite comfortable for regular (but light) Email and messaging use.

Pros:  Compact, attractive design; Good blend of smartphone power with messaging phone-style ease of use; 320 x 320 touchscreen; Email, IM, Push-to-Talk, and XM Radio support

Cons: QWERTY board will be too small for some users; Palm OS needs a refresh

Buying Advice
: If you're interested in keeping tabs on your messages and calendar on the go but are put off by the size and geekiness of standard smartphones, check out the Centro.  Palm did a great job of making a compact, colorful smartphone for the fashion conscious.  AT&T's Centro may not be the best Centro for you, however, depending on your personal preferences and needs.

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