Noah Answers Your Questions - LG Rumor or Samsung Upstage?

Noah Kravitz
 from Oakland, CA
Published: August 20, 2008

Q. Hey Noah - I?m looking for some information on the LG Rumor and Samsung Upstage. I've seen the videos and they provided me some information. I would like to know some more information on both phones and I?m curious on how texting works on the Upstage. If you can give me some information on the 2 phones that would be great.  Thanks

A. Thanks for the message, and for watching the videos.  UpStage is a pretty old model at this point, so you may have trouble finding a new one for sale.  That said, texting is kind of a pain on it - the two-sided design means that you've got a nice big touchscreen on one side, and a small screen with a dialing keypad on the other.  The keypad is much easier to dial/text on than the touchscreen, but the display on the keypad's side is so small that you can't see very much of your message.  I also recall having to flip the phone over quite a bit when using it for messaging -- I haven't used an UpStage in quite some time now, but I do remember it not being very good for much besides calling and audio/video playback.

Rumor, on the other hand, is a great messaging phone.  You'll lose out on the higher-end features like Web browsing and such, but it's solid, comfortable, and has a good QWERTY board.  Rumor's display is small, but it's far better for texting than UpStage.