A few Instinct tips and shortcuts

Yael Kent
Contributing Editor from  California
| August 28, 2008

A couple tips and tricks for the Instinct users on Phonedog... 

  1. Ever want to charge your Instinct with your computer and still talk? To charge your phone (usb-computer) just hit the push to talk button and then connect the usb cable. The home screen will pop up and allow you to still you use your phone while charging.
  2. Sick of holding your Instinct while watching Sprint TV or sideloaded videos? The Instinct has a built in stand!  Open the usb charge port cover 90 degrees to the back of the phone and place on any flat surface. Voila, your own Instinct stand.
  3. Ever want to send a txt message with all caps? Well there is a caps lock button! Just double tap the 'Caps' button and there you go.

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