SunCom officially become T-Mobile as of September 1st

Tom Klein
CEO/ Co-founder from  Mt Pleasant, SC
| August 29, 2008

As of August 30, 2008, SunCom will officially become T-Mobile and will operate under the T-Mobile brand.   SunCom customers will be absorbed by T-Mobile and most SunCom dealers will become part of the T-Mobile dealer network.

SunCom operated its own independent GSM network in several southeastern states where T-Mobile has had little presence.  The acquisition should have little effect on SunCom customers as T-Mobile operates a very similar GSM network, and a major benefit will be the expanded network coverage provided by T-Mobile.  Its expected that SunCom plans will be retired and that customers will need to choose from similar plans offered by T-Mobile.

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SunCom T-Mobile switch