HTC on Sprint: Touch Diamond for Sprint mid-Sept, Touch Pro on 10/19

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| September 2, 2008

A thread on Sprint Users "confirms" release and pricing info for HTC's Touch Diamond and Touch Pro smartphones on Sprint.  To be fair, the thread has images of device hotsheets, so this looks pretty legit.  I just like putting words like "confirms" in quotes whenever I can.

Looks like we'll see the Touch Diamond by the middle of this month (that'd be September) at an on-contract/after rebate price of $249.99.  Rumors are pointing to Sunday the 14th as the exact date, as Sprint seems to have a thing for releasing new phones on Sundays.  Touch Pro (basically Touch Diamond with a slide-out QWERTY board) will supposedly drop on October 19 at a cost of $329.99 after rebate when you sign on for two years of service.

I'm fully expecting to get my mitts on one, if not both, of these badboys next week at CTIA.  Stay tuned for more ...

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