Noah Answers Your Questions - What features are "free" with my Instinct on Sprint?

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| September 3, 2008

Q. I'm looking forward to buy the Samsung Instinct and before I buy it, I want to know more about GPS, Internet, MP3 for example if GPS, does it come with the phone or they charge extra for it??, and Internet is it free?? or not, and also I want to know how the MP3 works.


I saw a video on YouTube, about this woman getting a 300 page bill from iPhone, which was crazy and got me to forget about buying the iPhone, and plus I don't want to switch services with AT&T and right now I'm with Sprint, but I'm really interested to get to know more about the Instinct and how much it is to get all its features.

A. Sprint's philosophy with Instinct was to make everything available for one price with no hidden charges.  They basically did that with their Simply Everything plans. Unless you buy music tracks or extra applications for the phone.  Internet, messaging, GPS -- all of the services that come with Instinct are included in the monthly service fee.  No extra charges.  So, yes, GPS and Internet are "Free" - or at least included in your monthly fee.  MP3 is different.  If you load your own MP3s onto the Instinct, it's free to listen to them.  If you buy music from the Sprint Music Store, you pay for each track that you buy.  So basically as long as you don't buy any music or extra software, you shouldn't get any 300 page bills or extra charges from Sprint.  At least that's what Sprint says!  Hope that helps.  Thanks for visiting our site! Cheers, Noah

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