Noah Answers Your Questions - N95, Instinct, or enV2?

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| September 6, 2008

Q. hey first off I would like to say awesome reviews on youtube. Ive been looking at three phones to buy; Nokia N95, samsung instinct and the lg keybo(env2). I am looking for a good internet phone with an awesome mp3 player and easy to text. Do u have any suggestions?

A. Thanks for the kind words - glad you like the reviews!  Since you said "Easy to text" I have to ask if you like to use T9 or full QWERTY to text.  If you like full QWERTY, the LG is your only option.  Otherwise, the Instinct does NOT have a T9 mode - you can only use the full touchscreen QWERTY board.  So that could make a big difference - I'd say go to a Sprint store and try Instinct out in person.  A lot people love it - I actually was a little disappointed by it, and I know it's had a lot of bugs and other problems since it came out. 

Beyond that, I'd say N95 is the best overall phone - especially for Internet - but since it's unlocked and runs Symbian it might take some getting used to.  Instinct has a better combination of mp3 player and Internet capabilities than the enV2.  If you like to learn how a new gadget works and fiddle around with it, you can do WAY more with the n95 than the Instinct, but it's like learning to use a new computer (Mac instead of Windows, or something like that).

If you don't mind waiting, the HTC Touch Pro will be out on Sprint in a few months, and the BlackBerry Bold will be out on AT&T in a few months, as well.  Both of those phones will have full QWERTY keyboards and should have really good Web browsers and mp3 players.  Hope that helps.  Cheers, Noah