HTC Updates: Best Buy Diamond is 3G, What is the QUAR100?

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| September 9, 2008

Two quick updates on the HTC front:

First, that HTC Touch Diamond that's available for pre-order via Best Buy?  According to Engadget it is a US-spec 3G version, after all.  It's still $699 and its status is still pre-order, but apparently an Engadget reader combed through BB's RSS feed long enough to notice "HTCTOUCHDIAMOND UNLKD 3G" lurking in a product description.  Sounds good to me.

Second, something called the HTC QUAR100 has shown up on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group's Web site.  This time credit goes to CellPassion for unearthing/reporting on this one.  What is the QUAR100?  Looks like it's a phone with WiFi and, interestingly enough, its planned only for North America.  Hmm.  Could it be a special name for the CDMA version of the Touch Diamond?  Could it be a mysterious new device like a second Android phone? 

If only I had a meeting with HTC tomorrow afternoon so I could ask them about it.  Oh, wait ... I do :-D


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