CTIA Fall '08: Day One Wrap-Up: HTC's Lineup

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| September 10, 2008

I'm going to be honest with you: It's 9:20 AM and I don't feel good.

Yesterday at this time I also didn't feel good.  That was because I partied too much the night before.  Happy hour with a few industry friends, then a press party, Nokia party, Verizon party ... these things add up.  Today I don't feel good because I actually worked the show yesterday.  And while I kept the partying to a healthy minimum last night and got home reasonably early, when I closed my eyes to go to sleep I couldn't turn my brain off ... Which phone was my favorite?  Which phone did I want to get some more time with today?  Which phone that hasn't been shown yet am I most excitedly waiting for?

Trade shows are nothing if not overstimulating, and this year's Fall CTIA has definitely been a bit more newsworthy than last year's show.  So there was plenty to keep me from settling down and drifting off last night, even though I'd avoided the party scene.  Ah, well, occupational hazard.

So what'd I see yesterday and what'd I think?  Let's start with HTC:


First off, thanks Eric for getting us out of the convention center and to a bright, airy space with good coffee for our meeting.  Always nice to do these things with a bit of style and some clean air and natural light ;-)

  • Touch Diamond: I've got a Sprint-branded review unit to unbox and review, and I'm looking forward to it.  I like what HTC and Sprint did with the back panel of the phone, and the minor "Sprintifications" to TouchFlo 3D look good.  Sprint Music Store and Sprint TV seem to work well, too.  Look for a full video or two soon.
  • Touch Pro:  On the one hand I'm really excited for Touch Diamond + QWERTY.  On the other hand, this sucker is thick.  On the third hand (?), the Sprint-branded version has a nice silver/grey color scheme and rounded edges that give the device a sleek look that almost helps you forget how thick it is.  Touch Pro will launch at a relatively small $50 premium over Diamond, so I'm very curious to see how it fares in the marketplace.  Bulk aside, it looks to be a pretty sweet Windows Mobile solution.
  • S740: I was surprised by how much I dug this phone person.  It's long, skinny, and not paritcularly thin, and there's no touchscreen, but somehow it really worked for me.  I think I liked how roomy the QWERTY pad was and how it felt like a phone when I held it to my ear - the long, narrow body put the microphone closer to my mouth than most current cell phones do.  Also, the S740's unique shape made it feel like an artifiact from the future.  Too bad for us it'll only be available in Europe; an unlocked GSM version will work in the U.S. but won't offer compatible 3G bands.
  • Touch HD:  Didn't see this one, didn't get any word on it, but I'm guessing we should keep our eyes open for more on this forthcoming all-touch, WVGA badboy.
  • Dream/G1: Zip, nada, nothing.  Must find HTC today and try again :-)

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