Here come the smartphones: Launch info for AT&T Bold, Fuze, and Mirage

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| September 18, 2008

Has the AT&T launch of the BlackBerry Bold been pushed back to November?  A data sheet BGR has gotten hold of says Yes.  BGR himself says No.  Hmm.  Here's the latest info ... or purported info, anyway:

A supposed AT&T product sheet dated September 17 lists the following launch dates for some new AT&T gear:

  • BlackBerry Bold: November ETA
  • HTC Fuze (Touch Pro): 10/23
  • Samsung Mirage i907 (Omnia for the US): 10/21
  • Nokia 6650: 10/23
  • Motorola V9x: 10/2
  • Pantech C740: 10/14
  • BlackBerry 8320: 10/21

And there are some new colors of the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl on tap, as well.

All of that being said, Boy Genius is still "sticking very firm" to their October 2nd launch date for Bold on AT&T.  Only time will tell for sure.