Rumors: Verizon getting Touch Diamond in October, possibly in white

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| September 19, 2008

So you never know with these things, but I got a tip about the
Verizon version of the HTC Touch Diamond and figured I'd pass it
along.  This is from a fairly new source who's been pretty accurate
with a few *very minor* bits of information passed along to me over the
past few weeks.  Let's throw this new tip to the lions, shall we, and
see how it turns out:

  • HTC Touch Diamond is be released for Verizon in October
  • Could end up as the new "Ice White" color scheme just released by HTC. 

On to the specs............

  • Slower processor than current versions (400mhz)
  • Larger battery (1340mhh)
  • Larger rear cover (3mm thicker in total), due to larger battery.
  • No internal memory; microSD support up to 32GB
  • Same SDHC micro SD reader support as the Touch Pro.

I'd like to see an exact launch date and price point here, but since
there's none I'm imagining a $249 price (on contract, after rebate) to
compete with Sprint's version.

What do you all think?  Worthy tip?  Already seen it elsewhere?  Total nonsense?  Who cares?  Air it out in the comments.


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