Noah Answers Your Questions - Will Verizon have a new fall lineup?

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| September 26, 2008

Q. hey noah, love the phonedog site i check it daily and all the reviews you do are amazing. most of the videos from CTIA were all on new phones for sprint, which is fine, but i was looking to get a new verizon phone for Christmas and was wondering if anything new was coming out for verizon anytime soon, or if what they have now is pretty much all they're gunna have. if its possible for you to answer this, i would greatly appreciate it. and if you could recommend anything on verizon now, what would it be? i have the Voyager and im looking for something different, maybe a smartphone, not sure yet. i was looking at the palm centro, is it any good? thanks for reading, hope i get an answer lol.

A. Verizon didn't show anything new at CTIA and they haven't announced their plans for the rest of 2008.  But to the best that I can make educated guesses I can tell you this: 

  1. We should see the BlackBerry Storm, HTC Touch Diamond, and possibly the HTC Touch Pro in tie for the holiday shopping season. 
  2. There's been some talk about a new LG phone for Verizon, the VX9600, which seems like it may be a lower-end version of the Dare: 2MP camera, touchscreen, but not quite as many features as Dare.  This should also be out before the holidays. 
  3. Beyond that, here are some model numbers I can throw out that have recently been mentioned as pre-Xmas releases on Verizon: 
    • LG 5500
    • LG 8360
    • Motorola ZN4 "Blaze"
    • Samsung U650 "Sway" 

Hope that helps.  I'm sure there will be plenty of new VZW devices in time for the holiday shopping rush.