Below a reader has provided different tips for users of the LG Dare.

  • You can answer or reject a call while your phone is locked by using the physical keys.
  • When your dialing a number, if you hold on to the last digit of the phone number, the call will be made.
  • When receiving a call while your phone is locked you can press and hold the speakerphone key to answer the call in speakerphone mode.
  • For better QWERTY texting you should recalibrate the screen like this: First, get into recalibration and then hold your phone horizontally (landscape). Tap the left crosshairs with your left thumb and the right crosshairs with your right thumb. This should make texting a lot easier.
  • In QWERTY mode, there's a little arrow near the top right, right above the O and P keys. Pressing this arrow will bring the keyboard out of view and let's you view your whole message.
  • In QWERTY mode, double click on 'shift' to enable CAPS LOCK
  • While in handwriting mode, if you press the button on the bottom left of the screen that looks like a pen, it brings up an option to use cursive and a handwriting screen which is much larger and easier to use.
  • When your in the clock format menu, you can click on the icon to preview that particular clock style on your homepage. You can also move the clock and set it wherever you want on the screen.
  • You can use voice commands to play songs. Tap the voice command button and after the prompt say "Play" followed by whatever song you want.
  • If you press and hold the camera button on the outside of the phone it will automatically enter video mode.
  • When using the browser you can zoom in and out using the side volume rocker button.
  • While in the browser, if you press the camera button it brings up the thumbnail view of the sections of the webpage.

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