Matrix: Pantech cooking up Duo successor for AT&T

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| September 30, 2008

Remember the Pantech Duo, a Helio Ocean-esque dual slider WinMo
smartphone for AT&T?  I really like the idea of that phone, but in
reality it was super bulky and just not that fun to use.  Looks like
Pantech's cooking up a successor of sorts, and has dumbed the Duo down
in a good way to create the Matrix, a dual-slider that's a
messaging-centric "dumb phone" with slicker styling, funner features,
and (hopefully) a slimmer profile as compared to the Duo.

Funner?  Did I just say funner?

BGR's got the scoop on Matrix, complete with a Spec Sheet, and it
looks like this could be a nice QWERTY non-smartphone for that special
tween texter in your life.  Seriously, AT&T needs some
messaging-centric devices and if this thing isn't as gargantuan as the
Duo, it could shape up pretty nicely: 3G data speeds, Mobile Email and
IM, 1.3 MP camera with video capture and Video Share, media player with
AT&T Mobile Music, XM Radio, and CV (video) support, Stereo Bluetooth, and that special dual-sliding design that affords dedicated numeric and QWERTY keypads. 


And, hey, look at that - your choice of black, red, or blue.  No word yet on pricing or launch date, but I'm gonna take a stab and say $149 on contract and available in time for the Xmas shopping season.

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