Comes in colors: HTC Touch Diamond spied in 7 new hues

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| October 6, 2008

Love the HTC Touch Diamond but tired of basic black?  Or maybe you're
into Sprint's red version but wish you could get the GSM version with
the original "faceted" back plate done up in red?  You may be in luck. 
French retailer Phone and Phone has the Touch Diamond in seven new
colors on its website, and while there's nothing about worldwide
availability of the newly colored faceplates, if this is legit it would
stand to reason that we'll all be able to get our colored Diamond on

The red version is pictured below.  Click through to Phone and Phone's site to see pink, purple, white, brown, blue, and jaune ... that last one means "yellow" to all you English speakers out here.


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