Motorola Q: Tips for making your Q better

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| October 16, 2008

Hey PhoneDog these are some quick and useful tips for the Motorola Q.

mp3 Ringtones

  • Connect your motorola Q to your PC using a USB cable
  • Open Active Sync and click the my windows mobile icon
  • Open the application data folder
  • Then click the sounds folder
  • Now find a song or sound in the mp3 format and drag it into the sounds folder
  • Now disconnect the motorola Q from the computer
  • Navigate to the settings menu inside the start button
  • Then find the sounds icon and click it then find the ringtone menu
  • Now scroll through the default tones and you will find your mp3.
  • Select it and now it will be your ringtone.


  • If you haven't downloaded Microsoft's .NET compact framework 2.0 service pack, 1 you must go toMicrosoft and download it for your Motorola Q
  • After downloading the service pack go to map4pda on your motorola Q
  • Now download the latest version of the program
  • After downloading the program hit the home button. now hit the start button and scroll down until you find the map4pda app.
  • Now click the icon and enter your zip code. Now you will be able to view maps, get driving directions, traffic updates, and find local business'.

FM Radio

  • Open up the web browser on your motorola Q and enter in radio4pda
  • Now choose your country
  • Now you can choose to search for a radio station or browse through stations in different states
  • Lastly just choose a station and let it download Hope you enjoyed my tips for the motorola Q,

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