Verizon takes San Francisco by Storm to give away 100 BlackBerry devices

Courtney Carlisle
BlackBerry Addict from Los Angeles, CA
Published: November 4, 2008

According to the very well connected Boy Genius, Verizon is setting up a BlackBerry Storm challenge in San Francisco's Justin Hermann Plaza downtown.

For a chance to win, step inside the  BlackBerry Storm challenge station's giant plastic box that shoots air from the bottom to create a whirlwind of Verizon business cards.

If participants can pluck at least seven black BlackBerry Storm cards out of the chaos in the allotted time, they get a free Storm. Verizon is giving 100 of them away, but sadly winners won't get their hands on them until the official release.

BB Storm Giveaway

*Image from BoyGenius Report

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