Quickfire: Lookie here, it's the AT&T Quickfire

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| November 7, 2008

BGR's gone live with the first in-the-wild photos of the much anticipated AT&T Quickfire.  The highest-end of AT&T's four new messaging phones is built by PCD (formerly UTStarcom) and looks kind of like a Sidekick, what with its long, wide body and horizontal-sliding display covering up a full-QWERTY board underneath.

Where Quickfire trumps Sidekick - at least on paper - is with the addition of a touchscreen.  $100 on contract and after rebate will get you QWERTY, a 2.8" touchscreen, Quad-Band GSM with 3G, mobile Email/IM/MMS, music player, GPS, and a 1.3MP camera with video capture (or so the rumors say).  Not too bad, particularly if it performs as nicely as it looks. 

All sources point to an official release next week (right around the time that the HTC Fuze should also drop on AT&T), so stay tuned for much, much more.  Now where's that email address for my PCD contact, anyway?



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