Obama to ban his own smartphone

Published: November 19, 2008

It looks like Barack Obama, president-elect and renowned "CrackBerry" enthusiast, may soon have to give up his cellular addiction.



According to GeekSugar, Obama's beloved Curve won't be going to the White House, as security concerns regarding email will likely keep the handheld at bay. Maybe it's not such a bad idea, considering the fiasco that ensued when someone broke into Sarah Palin's email account a few months ago. And she was just a VP candidate, not the leader-elect of the free world.

For El Jefe, there's the Presidential Records Act, says The New York TImes, which makes his correspondence part of the official record. (Yikes! Imagine your messages being put up for public review. Future generations would know the dopiness that is you from reading about last week's party, when you got tipsy and kept calling everyone Fred.) President Bush, prior to his inauguration, sent a mass email to 42 friends, ostensibly to say goodbye to his emailing ways, the NYT reports.

Dealing with this situation certainly would've been simpler if the election had gone the other way. After all, McCain didn't even seem to know what email is. In contrast, Obama wants to be the first commander-in-chief with a laptop in the Oval Office. Politics aside, it would be cool to have a really tech-savvy president.

All I can say is, the man must sure love his country. It would take a crowbar to pry me away from my gadgets.

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