Gifts for the folks

Joni Blecher
Editor Director - from  San Francisco, CA
| Published: December 20, 2008

We know finding the perfect gift is no easy accomplishment. In our first installment of holiday gifts, we have picks for the folks. You can see a complete list of holiday picks in Let's Talks Holiday Gift Guide.

What do get the Desperate Housewife: She's not the woman who has everything. She's the woman in your life who does everything. Help her get a handle on her schedule, keep up with all her messages and even show off and snap pics of the kids on a new LG Dare. This touch-screen cell phone is fun to use, but loaded with options such as VZ Navigator and Rhapsody Music Service. Its smaller size fits easily into just about any purse or pocket, so she?ll never leave home without it.

A Little Something Extra: Does your lovely lady spend all her time in the car? Why not deck it out with the Motorola Rokr T505, a portable Bluetooth car kit, which actually clips to the visor and funnels calls and music from your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone through the car stereo. You can see it in action here. She?ll be the envy of all the neighbors and you can even easily use it in your car too.

Something for the Big Daddy of the house: He's the man of the house and really loves his gadgets. Why not get him a souped? up cell phone complete with all the bells and whistles available. The BlackBerry Bold is one sweet smartphone. It's great for fun or for work. It supports multiple e-mail addresses, streaming video over a true high-speed 3G connection (read: smooth streaming media), and WiFi support so he can still be connected when that's the only connection available. If that's not enough this is one sweet multimedia player with truly impressive audio quality.    

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