Bake your own DIY enterprise web apps

| Published: December 22, 2008

Once all the rage before the iPhone SDK and Android's Open Source, web apps are getting new life these days. Mobile applications that require a particular platform is so passé, especially in a hot season with a range of new and upcoming handsets.

Enter Widget Press. Word is that the company will introduce a new product at Macworld 2009, and tech-heads with a DIY bent will like what's on tap.

ModelBaker lets you create web applications for three major mobile devices ? the iPhone, iPod touch and Google Android phones ?without any programming required. Doing the heavy lifting in the back end, the app-building interface offers point-and-click development, allowing you to visualize models and create relationships onscreen in a clear UI. It even lets you easily create templates and themes for future projects, and generates code that distinguishes whether the end user is using a mobile or a web browser.

As if you couldn't guess, ModelBaker isn't really designed for wannabe game designers or hobby programmers. It targets organizations who want to stay connected with their businesses, customers, schools or students with an easy-to-build web app. (Although if you have a database full with hundreds of friends and family, I suppose there's nothing to stop you from creating an app that lets them subscribe to you.)

ModelBaker will be released on January 5, 2009 at the Widget Press booth #1438, so if you're at Macworld and curious about this program, stop by for a demo.