iPhone apps for the culture vulture and the Flash-hunting rebel

| December 23, 2008

Like all Geminis, I have a Yin and Yang, a dark and light side. As a college student, I was a bar-hopping, after-hours club kid who volunteered at a children's ministry (that is, when I was actually awake during the day). Today, the duality lives on. Every morning, I drink a shake of ground flax seed and quinoa  (you know, because it's good for you) and devour a White Castle slider as an afternoon snack.

If you've ever lit up a smoke right after Yoga class or ?borrowed? your parents car to help a friend out, then this post's for you: Two apps that satisfy both the goody two-shoed smarty pants and the rebel inside.

NPR's First iPhone App
NPR Mobile is for iPhone users who want to know more about their world. Culture, politics, arts, entertainment, literature, food ? it's all right there. While NPR is no stranger to podcasts and even has an iPhone-optimized website, this app makes it easier to directly access the latest content on the go. (Plus, all these podcasts are starting to eat up too much of my handset memory.)  

When Gizmodo covered this, it ran a brilliant vid of SNL spoofing NPR, so I just wanted to share. It has nothing to do with the app, but if you?re already an NPR fan, you?ll recognize the tone and cadence. If not, this clip's still darn funny.  

iMobileCinema delivers flash for iPhone (for jailbroken phones)

Like a door bouncer at a hot nightclub, Flash has long kept iPhone users from enjoying the cool party that everyone else raves about. But if you've got a jailbroken iPhone, using iMobileCinema is like having your name on the guest list. Well, sorta. Word is it's kind of buggy and crash-prone, but some may find that it's better than nothing for viewing Flash-based sites like YouTube in Safari.

Check this to install via Cydia. (Be warned: You need the 2.x beta firmware.) You can also install via Windows (PC), Installer and PXL (iBrickr/Breezy).