Nokia's N79 Active model helps you stay fit

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
Published: January 19, 2009

So there are a host of products that a person can wear during exercise to measure heart rate, body temp, distance traveled, steps taken, etc. Many people, myself included, like to wear an MP3 player on their waistband or arm during a workout to keep pace and maintain focus. And of course a lot of us need to squeeze fitness into a busy work day and active private life without being unreachable.

The N79 Active will come with a Polar-branded, bluetooth armband that monitors heart rate and holds the handset. The phone runs Sport Tracker software that logs performance, records workout routines, manages schedules, and maps jogging routs via GPS. Put it all together and this sounds like an incredibly practical and usable package. There are a lot of bells and whistles, and yet I fail to see any quickly-passing novelty here.

I think that the most definitive lifestyle choices are made in the form of purchase decisions. If I'm disciplined at the grocery store, I'm more apt to eat right. If I lean green when buying appliances, vehicles and such, I'm more likely to want to uphold those commitments in future endeavors. So for me personally, the N79 Active sounds like one of the best mobile packs going for the health conscious in the near future.

I'm giving this one a preliminary thumbs up just because I like the idea so much. But I have to admit that I had a brief period of dyslexia while reading about the product, and thought I was writing about an N97 package. Oh well, it's still pretty neat. I wouldn't be surprised if an N97 bundle eventually came out as well.

Nokia's N97 Sport Tracker at

Invest in yourself, not the latest hype.

Can you come up with a better hype tagline than that? It's the anti-hype hype. I should be in marketing. Maybe not.

(Insert obligatory New Year's resolution reference here.)

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