Google Mobile App for BlackBerry

Courtney Carlisle
BlackBerry Addict from  Los Angeles, CA
| January 23, 2009

While I love my BlackBerry, I am willing to admit that I would swoon for a better browser experience on it. Given that it's a little clunky, complicated and painfully organized, I rarely visit the web on my phone. However, when I had to replace my Curve this past fall, I got an early Christmas present.

I went to to download Google Maps, an app that I have come to depend on as a replacement for 411 and simply cannot do without, and found an entire suite of Google services from News and Maps to Gmail and Docs.

After downloading the bundle (for free, of course), everything was neatly organized and easily accessible under one little blue "G" icon on my "desktop," allowing me to search faster and pull up my calendar and docs on the go. Why can't all mobile apps be this useful and easy?