Android app review: cupcake

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| February 2, 2009

When I saw something in the Android Market called cupcake, I probably had the exact reaction the developers had planned: "Could it be an optional beta upgrade to some of the features listed in a coder's development branch called Cupcake, or is it a clever misdirection aimed at impatient people who don't read instructions?" Well, I actually tapped it in disbelief about three words into that hypothetical inner dialog.

Cupcake, the app, is a free-for-all message board written out of frustration by ANT devs for those who like to post nonsense, spam, and worse in the Market's comment system. As the description states, feedback is meant for coders - they want to know what kind of experiences you have with their software. They want to know if you encounter bugs, if you like the layout, etc. They don't want to know your phone number and MySpace URL.

It turns out that the effort has worked to some extent. I can't say I see a noticeable difference in the content of the Market feedback system, but cupcake is getting precisely the kinds of traffic it was intended for.

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