Android radio round-up: 3, 2

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| February 3, 2009

#3 FlyCast is a full-featured, ad-driven radio solution that offers options you aren't going to find in any other Android app. Over 1500 "channels" are available - featuring live radio and podcast streams. Stations are organized by city, genre, and even bandwidth. For example, when I browsed by city and selected Los Angeles, I found three high-quality streams for those on W-Fi 3G and EVDO, and one standard quality stream for EDGE. FlyCast also offers dedicated access to Weather and Traffic.

There are five buttons at the bottom of the screen: Guide, Search, Favorites, History, and Settings. There is a bar at the top that usually has a back button, and always a quick press to the now playing screen. I like the feel of the window, but I'd prefer some slicker graphics in the content area. Still, FlyCast is a cool app, and can be integrated with your Facebook account.

The version available at the time of this writing is a public beta. Check out Noah's video review here.

#2 imeem. The Android imeem client has been around longer than most (all?) of the programs on this list. And it was excellent from the get-go. The interface the sexiest of all the radio apps, with coming in a close second for that category. Like, imeem also has love/hate buttons so it can learn about your tastes and deliver personalized content.

The main screen has four tabs: Featured, Saved, Recent, and Search. Extremely subtle ads grace the screen in such a way that I almost thought "KIA" was a function of the program. The Now Playing screen has Hate, Love, Pause and Next controls, not unlike Clicking the info button will tell you about the band, allow you to add them as a favorite, and find similar stations.

imeem also directs you to purchase from Amazon, should you want to download a song. Oh, did I mention how sexy the interface is?

Click here for the super, ultra, mega-grand finale!

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