Getting social with Android, part 2: fBook

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| February 8, 2009

fBook wraps the iPhone Facebook application, and as the developer states, "fixes it." I am not an iPhone owner, but I've seen the Facebook app for iPhone. Without getting into detailed comparisons based on videos and my foggy memory, I can say that the Android version is a bit less polished. But it functions well and looks nice in both portrait and landscape modes.

fBook is the most full-featured Facebook app available for Android, and the most stable. This is the Market's FB flagship, and since all available functions work correctly, I don't expect many changes outside of some little code tweaks, and perhaps a bit more sheen. I don't see the need for any more Facebook apps in the Market, either. But if you just want to update your status, check out Statusinator by Joe LaPenna.

fBook's main screen has two buttons that allow you to update your own status and search. Beneath the buttons are five tabs; each with categorized features. Tapping one initiates an animation - your destination screen slides into place. The tabs and their options are:

  • Home - news feed, events, requests
  • Profile - info, wall, photos
  • Friends - status, online, photos
  • Inbox - compose, sent, edit

The menu button allows for uploading photos and enabling what the Market description calls "the push notification of messages - an Android-only feature." That's not an accurate choice of words, though. The notification settings allow you to adjust the frequency at which the app will check for new messages. That means spent battery life and kilobytes, for some - not push-messaging. Still, it's useful and user-definable. I just don't like the misleading description. Vibrate message alerts and notification bar display are the other options.

fBook for Android at

fBook has 3.5 stars in the market, but I'd bump it up at least half a star, in my own rating.

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