Android Market will offer priced apps soon

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| February 18, 2009

I know. At this point, this is pretty common knowledge for Android lovers. I didn't want to jump on every speculative article I read and play catch up all month. So I waited for the details to fall into place. They have. For those who haven't heard the build-up, it went something like this.

The rumor was that developers were told to start submitting priced apps to Google about two weeks ago. That generated some buzz, but it was the Wall Street Journal's almost hidden priced Market mention on February 9th that really kicked things off. By February 13th, all of the Android sites were talking about it, and Google decided to make it official.

The price range for apps is $0.99 to $200, which will be paid via Google Checkout. Google takes 30%. That's right, folks. No more free apps, which means three things:

  • Talented, cash-only devs who have been sitting on some killer programs will finally unleash them.
  • Code that redirects you to purchase from a (sometimes shady) website should be nixed.
  • App reviews are now much more valuable.

So stay tuned, because Noah and I will be covering all of the most important Android application info - the programs you've got to have, and the ones you don't want to waste your money on. There will be a video of a Market purchase as soon as I get updated to RC33 and a priced program drops.

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