HTC's new product pages: Magic, Touch Pro2, Diamond2

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
Published: February 20, 2009

It's no surprise, but it sure is nice to see. Check out HTC's new product pages for the phones revealed at Mobile World Congress. Those folks sure do know how to entice me. Being the Android fan that I am, the Magic is at the top of my list. And today's Androinica blog shows a snap of Google demonstrating new Gmail features on a T-Mobile-branded Magic. Oooooie! Some days, cell phone dish gets my blood pumping. The product page says you can upload the videos you capture directly from your Magic to YouTube. Nice.

But I've also got to say that the Touch Diamond is my favorite phone I've done a full review on. And the Diamond2 looks incredibly hot. A sleeker form-factor, updated TouchFlo 3D, push Internet, and an incredible screen make this Diamond look like one of the best HTC handsets yet. Still, the Pro2 is standing right next to it. Conference calling, adjustable tilt screen, and (what I think) is a sexy redesign, make this phone look pretty desirable as well.

Some variations of the Diamond2 and Pro2 will be available from just about every U.S. carrier in due time, so sit tight. I'm just going to go buy some lottery tickets to tide me over.

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