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And now for something completely different…

Christian Siriano and LG partnered up once again to spotlight the Lotus during Fashion Week in New York. Lucky me, I got an up-close look at the designer’s latest on the runway last night — and I have to say, I’m impressed.

Last fall, Siriano — erstwhile contestant and last year’s winner of Project Runway — created a scarf with a designated pocket specifically tailored to fit the LG Lotus (which is, by the way, possibly my favorite non-smartphone).

I’ll say this: The scarf was definitely pretty, with a somewhat billowy and ethereal sensibility. In fact, it was a strong piece on its own. The phone, which was supposed to be featured there, seemed like an afterthought to the garment and actually looked like a square black inkspot that was out of place against the subdued aesthetic.

This time around, however, Siriano got the balance right. The satiny, chocolate-colored vest really spotlighted the phone, which was integrated brilliantly. He featured the Lotus’ small form factor by likening it to a pocket watch, with fob and all. That was genius; it added the touch of hardware that was needed to bridge old and new, classic fashion and technology. The shiny glimmer of the fabric also worked — without it, the vest might’ve seemed too stodgy. (Plus the tomboy in me just loves it when guys’ stuff get integrated into womenswear.)

As part of the LG-Siriano partnership, the company has also launched a new contest for budding designers and stylists. Siriano, looking for inspiration in the design of a new LG Lotus accessory, is asking people to submit "mood boards" online. (These are boards with pinned or tacked up fabric samples, images, textures and anything else that can inspire creative design.) The winner will get an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City and an opportunity to work with the designer on co-creating the accessory.

Siriano certainly seems obsessed with the Lotus. This will be his third venture with this specific cell phone model. “Divas and designers want fashionable phones worthy of their creativity,” he says. “Mobile phones are fashion accessories, and the LG Lotus is sleek, chic, and fabulous!"

Boy, he said that right. The number of cell phones buzzing off in the tents was crazy. Some even had theirs on during the show, like one little B-list celeb I managed to snap across the aisle from me. (See below.)

In light of last night’s event (and others), I’ve got to say that I’m having a pretty interesting run at PhoneDog. Thanks to Noah and the crew, I’ve come face to face with Jason Biggs, Erika Christensen and — Tori Spelling??

The former 90210 chick was there to support Siriano (as well as her own bottom line, since the designer used her line of jewelry to accessorize the show). I couldn't tell what she was holding, but I could make out that the gadget didn't go with her dress — which is a big no-no at Fashion Week.

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