T-Mobile poised to begin offering "loyalty" plans to tenured customers

Rumor Dog
Rumor Czar from  Charleston, SC
| Published: February 20, 2009

Their motto is ?Stick Together,? after all ? and when the rumored plans launch, loyal T-Mobile customers will have a reason to stay with the carrier.  Coming shortly, the company plans to offer a set of ?loyalty? plans, designed to woo existing customers away from the thought of joining ?The Network? or the company with the ?fewest dropped calls.?  Beginning on March 1st, individual lines would start at $50 for unlimited minutes, caller ID, three-way calling, and voicemail.

Though family plans get a bit more expensive at $90 for the primary device and $40 for add-on lines, the pricing is still cheaper than standard rates.  Keep in mind, however: at present, no data/messaging is believed to be included with the deal.  Quite possibly the best part of the offer centers around bringing new lines to T-Mobile; when adding a line to an existing ?loyal? account and porting a number from another carrier, the customer receives a $135 bill credit.  Not bad at all!

The plans will not be advertised; instead, T-Mobile will most likely contact qualified customers via phone, text message, or e-mail (be sure to update your myT-Mobile account).  Should all go according to plan on March 1st, this will be a nice offering from T-Mobile that will result in additional added lines in a traditionally slow quarter.  Smart move, Magenta!

Images courtesy of Cell Phone Signal