Breaking: T-Mobile and Samsung Crippling Web Browser on Memoir

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| February 23, 2009

Many thanks to the reader who sent this tip - with photos - in, even though it made my Monday morning a little sad.  Looks like T-Mobile and Samsung are up to the same nonsense it pulled with the Samsung Behold in touting the Memoir's "full HTML Web browser" only to cripple the sucker by routing it through their new Web2Go servers.  According to the tip and photos I woke up to, Memoir is configured out of the box to render Web sites in some sort of "compelling and intuitive" new WAP + format, leaving them somewhere between WAP and HTML, with anchor tag type links added up top against a T-Mo Magenta background.  Blech.


Guys, "full HTML" means full HTML, and it's what the people want.  Leave the WAP formatting to Webmasters, okay?  They know what they're doing.

The upside here is that it looks like the same hack that freed Behold from the chains of T-Mo's proxy server will also work on Memoir, giving you full access to the phone's Web browser.  Memoir appears (from the photos) to ship with the same browser as Behold , and it's not a bad browser for a featurephone.  An easy-to-follow hack will route you away from the Web2Go sever and out into the full Web, and according to our dear reader/viewer, the hack works on Memoir just like it does on Behold.  S/he even included a few before an after photos as proof: PhoneDog may be missing an image or two in the "after" shot, but it's rendered more or less as it should be, and without that annoying magneta header.


Note that AT&T's Eternity ships with the same browser as Behold and Memoir but is fully ready to rock the big, bad HTML Web right of the box.  I never thought I'd say this, but score one for AT&T and shame on you T-Mo.  Or T-Mo and Samsung.  Or whoever's behind this evil plot.

Here's another shot of another Website in "Web2Go" format, and a shot of the Admin screen that lets you change the server setting.  I'll be sure to try this out myself and report back just as soon as I can.  In the meantime, thanks Dear Reader ... and big ups for including a cameo of D12 in the background of your pics!