T-Mobile to launch 3G USB broadband data card?

Rumor Dog
Rumor Czar from Charleston, SC
Published: February 24, 2009

Personally, I prefer one consolidated wireless bill.  Having an account with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile confuses me to no end; too many bill due dates, upgrade dates to keep in mind, and more.  My life is cluttered enough as it is.  Those with T-Mobile that found themselves in need of a USB data card were forced to resort to an alternate service provider for their mobile internet needs ? until now.  Should rumors be correct, T-Mobile is slated to launch its first USB data card as early as next month.  Supposedly launching around March 25th, the card will offer access to the carriers 3G, EDGE, and Hotspot services.  

In line with the pricing of other wireless carriers, it is expected to cost $59.99 monthly and offer up to 5 GB of data transfer.  Even better, the device will have 8 GB of memory to store important documents and media files.  Now, if T-Mobile will work on building out their 3G network, we?ll be set.  In today's world, EDGE data speeds just don't cut it.  Leaked pictures of the supposed device are below!

Image courtesy of CellPhoneSignal