RumorDog: New HTCs in Europe by June, on Sprint in the US by May?

Noah Kravitz
 from Oakland, CA
Published: February 26, 2009

Not moments after I read this piece on Engadget Mobile regarding the June availability of HTC's new Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2 on T-Mobile Europe did I get a pretty random tip from a reader that Sprint would be beating T-Mo to the punch by launching US versions of the devices at CTIA in April with May availability dates.  While I'm not sold on this theory just yet, I figured it worth a mention considering Sprint's track record in launching HTC devices in the US.


Since T-Mobile's already gone and said they'll have the new HTC smartphones out in Europe by June, it stands to reason that HTC's confident they'll have the devices ready to rock by then, at least.  HTC's made it clear that Diamond2 and Pro2 will be everywhere by the end of 2009, and if you recall Sprint was first to market with US versions of the original Diamond and Pro last year.  So on the one hand it stands to reason that the struggling carrier should follow suit this year in being first on the American block with the sequels.  Then again, HTC and Sprint engineers have to figure out how to cram CDMA radios into the devices before then, whereas the same GSM models T-Mo Europe is readying should be able to serve T-Mo and AT&T here in the states with a few minor tweaks.

Of course, Sprint and HTC are used to one another by now, so I don't think something as silly as a CDMA radio is going to determine who gets the new HTCs first here in America.  No, no, I'd wager that was settled long ago in a meeting room far, far away.  My bet is we'll see the official "launch" of Touch Diamond2 and Pro2 on a US carrier at CTIA on April 1, with availability to follow in May or June.  And, sure, my money's on Sprint just like that anonymous tipster said it should be.


Here's the official T-Mobile press release regarding the MDA Compact V (Touch Diamond2) and MDA Vario V (Touch Pro2) if you're interested.  Both devices will be available in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands and UK in June 2009.