iPhone Apps: Timers - Chef Timer (2/5)

| Published: February 28, 2009

One timer really is not like the next, particularly when it comes to iPhone apps. Chef Timer may seem like 5 in 1 Timer on the surface, since it has multiple timers, but it packs an awesome feature that tips the scales in its favor.

Chef Timer (0.99)
Playing with this timer is fun. The stainless steel theme is cool, and the gear-like adjustment noises make it feel like a game. (But if you grow tired of them or find them irritating, you can turn the sounds off.)

Chef Timer has four timers, one per stove burner, and a display with large numbers and editable labels. You can set it by 'turning' the knobs in 15 second increments and change the time while it's running. The clock tracks continuously, so if you leave the app and  come back, it accounts for this. There are also 9 different alarms  to choose from, as well as a vibration mode.

But the best thing is that you can put the phone to sleep (by hitting the button on top of the phone) and the alarm will still work. This means you can stick it in your pocket without fear of bumping the screen or interfering with the settings.

What you should know:
Sadly, there's no dedicated  fifth oven timer like 5 in 1 Timer has, which would've been nice. Also, the 'knob' can be a little tricky to use. It requires a lot of circular winding to allot an hour or more, and you have to stop rather precisely to schedule the right amount of time. In addition, I found all 9 alarms to be kind of annoying. This, however, actually works for me since there's little chance I can ignore them.

This is one of the top timer apps I tested. The fact that the alarm works when the phone's sleeping is awesome. Some of the other apps do this as well, but none did so as consistently or reliably.

I thought I was done at this point. I had found a great app that let me time things the way I needed to - or so I thought. Then I met Talking Timer.