iPhone Apps: Timers - Talking Timer (3/5)

| February 28, 2009

Yup, it does precisely what the name implies. I just had no idea it would do it so well.

Talking Timer (0.99)
Originally intended as a fitness tool, it counts both up and down, and even features milliseconds, so I can use it for meal prep, yoga workouts, or anything else I need to time.

Mostly, I use it as a kitchen utility, and it works great for that. Instead of a sudden blaring alarm, Talking Timer has spoken reminders to warn before the time's up on my meatloaf. It can be set to announce every hour, minute, or over the course of the last 10-60 seconds. It also features a vibration mode, which can be used with or without the voice, and timing continuity (so you can close it and come back without missing the time).

What you should know:
It would be nice to have different voices to choose from, but aside from that, I hardly have any complaints about it. A user once vented that the time got out of sync, but since then, Talking Timer's latest update matched the app to the phone's internal clock, making it as accurate as your iPhone. It's reliable and works when the phone's asleep, which is a big plus.

I've experienced nothing but smooth sailing so far. In fact, this app is even finding its way into other parts of my life. It's particularly handy when my husband and I compete for who can get dressed and ready to go out first. (Loser buys dinner.)

The bottom line is, if you're the type who needs advance warning before time is up, get this app. If, however, you rarely cook, don't exercise or engage in goofy activities with your significant other, and all you want is a simple, bare bones timer, you may want to consider the Game Timer App instead.