Multiplayer Quake is coming to Android

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| March 30, 2009

Last month, issued a bounty: some cash and bragging rights to the coder who could realize the concept that got the most votes from the site's readers. The call went out, and the code came in. And very soon, Torrent Droid will allow you to scan a bar code at the store and have a movie, album, game, whatever, sitting on your home computer when you get there.

This month, the bounty is more specific - bring Quake to Android with Wi-Fi multiplayer capability. The game has been open source for a decade now, and it's not a question of portability. It's more or less a race. The prize will consist of some of the "donations" made to the site, which can be traded for ad space, the finished app, and "a tingle up your leg knowing you contributed to bringing multiplayer gaming to Android."

Nice idea. Can I suggest compass implementation?

Quake for Android @
(I fudged this pic)

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