Should I cover unsupported Android mods, like rooting?

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| April 2, 2009
I've finally rooted my G1, and will write a post about it tonight. But I'll probably just lay out the reasons I did it and give a brief overview of the more obvious changes it brings to Android, rather than get into the technical end of things.

I have to admit that playing with a rooted version has reinvigorated my geek passion and I would have a lot of fun covering this stuff. I'd like to know if you all are interested. I'm not going to provide detailed tutorials. I would probably link to the forums where I get the instructions and recommend that you ask people there - who have done all of the hacks dozens of times - for technical support, rather than asking me.

I could do some quick walk-throughs on video though; replacing the splash screen or tethering a laptop to my G1 - stuff like that. Would you like to see me back up and restore everything on my phone? Maybe I'll just make a quick vid to show off multi-touch in my browser. Or, perhaps I'll just continue reviewing apps that work for everyone on a stock G1. It's up to you. (No flooding, nerds.)

EDIT: The addition of hack/mod content would not affect my standard app reviews!

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